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Create ongoing web events around songwriting & remixing

Because some fans want more than an mp3

Types of Web Events


Bring your fans into the story behind creating your songs version-by-version. Just start a new web event and continue posting new song versions as you refine it. Your fans will love seeing the magic!



Letting your fans remix your finished songs is a quick way to get started. Just make a new web event, post the song's stem tracks, paste in the lyrics, and describe what kind of remix event you want to do.



For example, 1) hold events to accept song concepts and beats to engage songwriters and producers, 2) audition new band members, 3) hold a contest for guest musicians...there’s plenty of room to get creative!


Customize Everything

Create either multi-track or mixdown versions


Choose whether or not to allow fan contributions, comments, or track downloads


Customize “try-before-you-buy” with free preview versions or entire web event previews


Include a bonus download such as a DAW file


Pick your price and change it at any time


More on the Details

Artists & Labels

Engage fans into interactive web events at a massive scale. The version control system allows you to easily manage a huge amount of content without a huge team, and ultimately generate a significant revenue stream from web events to compliment touring events.

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Be there when great songs are made and get exclusive access before release. If you’re a music fan that wants more than an mp3, then web events may be what you’re looking for, whether it’s engaging in the songwriting experience or competing in a remix contest hosted by your favorite artist.

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